How To Reset Zmodo Mini Wifi Camera

How To Reset Zmodo Mini Wifi Camera

As the name suggest Zmodo mini wifi camera is compact in size and easy to install that is why it is gaining popularity among people. When you face the technical issues and they are not getting solve then resetting is the only way out. The resetting process is quite straightforward process but reset can cause the varnishing of your manual settings so you have to reconfigured the settings after the reset. This blog will walk you through the process of resetting process for Zmodo mini that too proficiently and rapidly.

  • Start the process by discovering the button of reset, these buttons are usually placed on the device only though position can be different according to the camera models but typically they can find inside a tiny hole but outside you can find label of reset.
  • Get a tool that will help you to press this button, using a sharp point object can serve you better as need to hold it for few seconds.
  • Formerly switch off the camera, simply detach its power adapter from the power source to disconnect your camera.
  • Now with the help of that tool press the button and hold as prescribed for the process. While holding it put the power adapter back in the socket to gain the power connection.
  • If LED is still blinking that means reset is processing and don’t move or press anything along the device.
  • You can release the button once you notice the LED stops flashing this means the reset is completed and now you can reconfigure your settings.
  • Get the Zmodo app download and install on your device then add the camera in add device option.
  • Make sure the wifi is sturdy and reliable so that further process can go smoothly. Then complete the wifi setup and camera settings.

How to execute the process Zmodo camera no reset button

To reset Zmodo mini camera without reset button simply disconnect it from the power source eradicate the cables as well and then reconnect again and use Zmodo app to add the camera and comprehend the setup process along with settings.

Zmodo mini wifi camera setup and login procedure

Take out the camera from box and attach it to the power source with a power adapter, get the Zmodo app from any app store on your device. Generating the account is required for further process. Trail the instruction to complete the account creation and login details. After logging in open, the app and search the icon of + or add device option, select your camera and move for next process that wifi setup. When it starts the process, it will indicate the blue LED. Search the network name as identified by your camera name and link it with your device. open the app again and go to view section and see if the live screening is available. Comprehend the process by filling the SSID details and when the connection is complete you can change its name and password for security.


While facing any issue in executing the reset process you can contact our professional experts who will resolve the issue so that you can execute the process straightforwardly.