How to Setup The Zmodo HD Outdoor Wifi Surveilence Camera

How to Setup The Zmodo HD Outdoor Wifi Surveilence Camera

Providing the utmost security to your house and loved one is the main and essential part. Choosing a surveillance system is not enough you have to deal with the setup process and other troubles as well which you might face with these devices. You must keep the knowledge of everything related to your security devices. Zmodo is a recognized brand and with its improving technology you house will be at increased sense of security. Read this blog if your want to know about the setup process of Zmodo’s HD outdoor wifi surveillance camera.

Start from the unboxing

  • Open the box which contains your Zmodo camera and it other helping sorts.
  • Check the stuff properly and keep it within the range where you want to setup your device.
  • Read the handbook and check the equipment thoroughly.

Select camera location

  • Select the appropriate location to place your HD camera.
  • You can setup where you get the clear view without any interference.
  • Position of the camera does matter a lot so set it and mount it accordingly to get the perfect angle views.

Uninterrupted power connection

  • You will have a power adapter that comes with your camera utilise it and plug it into the socket.
  • To save your camera from power fluctuation you must have a UPS.
  • After plugging the adapter check the LED light, it must be on if it has established the connection.

Camera setup

  • The LED light is the indicator that camera is ready for the setup process.
  • If the light is not stable wait for few seconds.
  • When there will be a green light you can start the process of zmodo wireless ip camera setup.
  • Download the app and complete the setup
  • From the supported app store download and install the Zmodo app.
  • Create the account, complete the registration and follow the instructions.

Link new device

  • Complete the login process for zmodo outdoor wifi ip camera setup.
  • Then open the Zmodo app press the “+” icon, you will get to see the device list.
  • Pick the Zmodo outdoor HD camera and press the add device option.

Establish wifi connection

  • Using your smart device and Zmodo app establish the wifi connection with your device.
  • Open the Zmodo app, go to wifi network section, and choose the wifi network you want to link to.
  • Enter the correct SSID and code and verify it before submission.

Confirm and customise Camera settings

  • If the wifi connection is established successfully then your app will let you access the live feed.
  • From here you can check the angles of the camera and reset them according to the view possibility.
  • Complete and customise the settings of your camera, you can set the motion alerts and notification alerts, can also choose where you want to store the videos.

Final thoughts

Though we are sure these mention steps will be helpful enough to complete the process but if you face any difficulty in setting up the camera or any other issue related to Zmodo camera then without any fear call our experts and get the assistance.