How to Reset a Zmodo camera without a Reset Button?

How to Reset a Zmodo Camera without a Reset Button?

Users need to keep in mind that when they will reset their zmodo camera they may resolve all the previous settings. So later they may have to spend some time to ensure that the new settings and the setup meet their current requirements.

Resetting the Zmodo camera using the Reset button and pressing it for 15 seconds is the easiest process. But sometimes the Zmodo cameras don’t come with the  Reset Button or sometimes your device does not support a Reset Button. In this situation, you can  Reset your camera without using the Reset button via the user interface. Well, this process can be a lot easier if you follow the steps given below:

  • You can start this by logging into your user interface either by using the Zmodo app or through a web browser. Fill in the login details and log in to the interface.
  • Now choose the device that is the Zmodo camera that you wish to Reset.
  • After this locate the “Device Settings” and  in the Side, menu navigate to the  ‘System Setting”.
  • Hereafter tab on the Backup Restore Settings’ option.
  • Following this step, Under ‘System Maintaining’, choose ‘Restore Factory Settings’ and this will finally Reset your Device.
  • Finally, you have successfully executed the Reset process without using the Reset Button.

What benefits can users experience after Resetting  Zmodo Camera?

Resetting a Zmodo Camera will not only offer multifarious benefits but will also resolve all the technical issues that you might be facing while setting up your camera.  Now if you are looking for the benefits that you might get while setting up your Zmodo Camera are mentioned below:

Fix Technical Glitches- Being a user, if you are facing technical problems while fixing your Zmodo Camera then Resetting your camera will be the most favourable option. Besides casually removing temporary errors it will also eradicate some problems.

Upgraded Performance- Besides enhancing the performance, resetting the camera will make the entire process clean and smooth.

Increased Security- Resetting simply means enhanced Security. In simple words when you will Reset your Zmodo camera it will eventually delete all the settings even the ones that might have been tampered with.

Reliable Setup Process- All new users who are setting up Camera for the very first time will be able to easily execute the whole setup process once they reset the camera. Resetting the camera will be easy to configure and customize.


As per the above discussion, it can be concluded that Zmodo Camera can be Reset in both the ways. if there is no button on the backside of the Zmodo Camera you can try resetting using the web interface. If you encounter some problems while resetting your camera using the above given instructions then you might contact our support team. Our highly professional staff is available at any time. You can confidently reach them at your own comfort and can provide the necessary support and assistance to  clear up any issues you may be facing.