How to Upgrade the Zmodo Camera Firmware?

How To Upgrade The Zmodo Camera Firmware?

If you have a Zmodo camera, your security is of the highest calibre. If you utilise Zmodo, you may be accustomed to the system and login techniques. Zmodo camera setup problems are something that a lot of consumers experience. You are aware that there may be a variety of causes for your Zmodo camera to stop functioning or to be unable to display the live feed, including signal loss, weak signal, power problems, app updates, the need to reset or restart the device, and a problem with your firmware that also needs to be updated.

Zmodo Camera Firmware Update

Though the Zmodo app will notify you automatically if your device needs a new firmware update, however the steps listed below will show you how to manually upgrade your firmware using the Zmodo app.

  • Launch the Zmodo app and sign in using your Zmodo credentials. 
  • From your Device List, choose the device you want to update.
  • To demonstrate the selections menu, clack the selections switch.
  • For a wider selection, use the Expanded Menu button.
  • A note that reads “New Firmware Obtainable” will seem if you have a new firmware existing. In order to perceive the update screen, select this option.
  • Read the update notes thoroughly before pressing the “Update” button.
  • The up-to-date firmware will be transferred and connected by your manoeuvre inevitably.>
  • The firmware will update automatically behind the scenes once you exit this screen.

Note: Before turning your Zmodo device off, wait for the firmware update to take effect. You run the peril of irreparably spoiling your Zmodo appliance if you turn it off.

Zmodo firmware update takes too long to complete

Although the firmware update will take some time to complete the upgrade, you must follow these guidelines if it is taking too long.

  • During the update, make sure your phone has a good internet connection and that your Zmodo device has a strong WiFi connection. Retry updating the gadget.
  • ZModo servers can be under a lot of loads because of the large number of firmware upgrades coming from consumers. Attempt apprising at numerous times all over the diurnal.
  • Downloading the MeShare app from Google Play store or the App Store can be beneficial in the meantime if your firmware is still in updating mode.
  • You may access all of your devices by logging in with your Zmodo account credentials.
  • In case of any technical emergency you can contact us, we will continue to strive to fix the problem.


We have made an effort to simplify and make clear the Zmodo firmware updating process in this blog. Additionally, we have outlined what to do if the firmware upgrade takes too long to complete. Calling our professionals will be a lot better and more appropriate decision if you are still having firmware upgrade issues. Visit our website to learn more about Zmodo camera setup concerns and to take use of our live chat feature.