Why Is My Zmodo Camera Flashing Green and Blue?

Why Is My Zmodo Camera Flashing Green and Blue?

With the advent of smart technologies, we have covered a long way for the home security equipment and zmodo cameras are at the vanguard in this upheaval. With the real-time monitoring get the sense of security with Zmodo security camera. If your zmodo camera flashing green and blue LED light then you need to find the exact cause and then apply the solution. You can get familiar with the solutions in this blog.

Reasons for flashing of green and blue lights on the device

  • If you switch on your camera or have executed the reset process then these green or blue light came as indictors which is fairly normal for the camera to initialises its components and connects to the network. But if this flashing persists then you need to find the solution for it.
  • The connectivity issue can be a common cause for these LEDs to flash and indicate the issue, it may be because of the camera is careworn to found an unchanging connection with your home network. Due to weak wifi signal and incorrect wifi settings also this issue can occur.
  • May be your device needs a firmware update, firmware update basically enhances the functionality of your camera, when the update is happening then any of the LED can start blinking including blue or green but if even after the update it is still there then you need to resolve the issue.
  • Incorrect configuration can also lead you in this trouble so you must double check the information you are filling while executing the different procedures.
  • Power issue can also signify through these blue and green flashing LEDs. There can be issue with adapter, cables, sockets or even with power supply as well. This can create internal issues in camera.

How to resolve the problem?

  • Connect your camera with a strong, sturdy and stable wifi network, you can even try to move it closer within the router’s range and if that is not possible then you can install wifi extenders to resolve this issue.
  • Check the power supply, make sure there is no power fluctuation, adapter and its wires are in sound condition and also the power socket. If anything is damaged then replace them on immediate basis.
  • Reboot the camera, rebooting always helps in resolving the minor issue whether they are related to connectivity or some glitches. Just disconnect the camera from the power source, pause and put it back.
  • If there is any pending update of firmware is available get it installed to resolve this flashing LED issue.
  • Resetting will be beneficial if nothing works in your favour, only disadvantage of this is that it will remove your customised setting so you need to execute and reconfigure them again.
  • To know how to reset zmodo camera you should visit our website.
  • You can also contact zmodo support service if the issue is prevailing again and again.

Final thoughts

These flashings of LED lights can be concerning but most of the time they are harmless so you don’t need to be panicked. You just need to handle the situation calmly by applying the troubleshooting tips provided in our blog.