Zmodo Camera To New Wifi

The Easiest Way To Connect Your Zmodo Camera To New WiFi

Zmodo camera is the first choice of its users because of its advanced and reliable features. If you have moved to a new place or if you have changed the wifi network then you might be looking for the reconnecting ways. We’ll guide you through the complete process with the help of this blog so you can do it without any difficulty.


Steps For Connect Your Zmodo Camera To New WiFi

If you have new camera and want to connect to wifi then trail these steps;

  • Power on your camera by plugging it in the power outlet with the help of power adapter and prepare it for Zmodo camera setup.
  • Open the Zmodo app that you must have in your device and initiate the login process with your prevailing account credentials.
  • Search the add device icon or sign and tap on it, choose the device type that is camera setup and scan the QR code on your camera.
  • Now your subsequent step is wifi setup, pick the new wifi network that you want to fix to your camera from the accessible networks.
  • Fill in the required details that is the network name and passcode.
  • You can assign a name to your camera if you are planning to install numerous cameras.
  • Access the camera settings and enable its specific features, like motion detection, sensor level adjustments, other security protocols including the notifications and alerts.
  • Mount the camera at an appropriate place, after mounting it securely you can test the camera’s view and settings.
  • If needed then you can again alter them according to your requirement or penchants.

Advance Tips For Connect Your Zmodo Camera To New WiFi

If you already have the camera and you just want to change its wifi network then first you need to execute the reset zmodo camera process, so that you will have your device in default state from where you can reconnect it to new wifi. 

  • Save the manual setting that you want to apply on the camera setting again because once you initiate the process it will erase the settings completely.
  • Look for the reset button on your Zmodo camera and push it with the help of some pin point object as it can be inside a tiny hole.
  • Hold the button until you observe the LED light appear on the screen and then let go the button slowly.
  • The camera will be back in the state when you have purchased it, now you have to complete the zmodo camera setup and login first so that you can connect it to new wifi network.
  • Make sure to comprehend the processes in accurate manner to have smooth functionality of your device.

End Thoughts

The process of changing wifi network might seem complex but actually it is not. you just need to initiate the reset if you want to do it in your prevailing camera and if it is new then also you can trail the above given steps. If you face any issue while executing this process or have some difficulty then you can visit our website and choose the live chat option to get our experts’ help.