Zmodo Camera QR Code not working

What to do if your Zmodo QR Code not working?

Zmodo camera is the first choice of modern people as it provides the best security to your surroundings. For the Zmodo camera device setup you need QR code which you will find in your smartphone after log in to Zmodo app. You need to scan it with your camera to connect the devices. For scanning you need to download the Zmodo app. The process of scaning is quite simple, but sometimes because of some error you might feel to be unable to do it on your own. If your Zmodo QR code is not working then it is sure that while doing the process you have committed something wrong or might have skipped some steps. To solve your problem first you need to know the exact procedure of Zmodo QR code scanning.

Things to keep in mind before Scanning QR code

Before doing anything make sure that the batteries are fully charged that is of your phone and camera. The wifi signal must be strong and error free. And also make sure that the camera you are going to connect must not be in use before. Keep the brightness of your phone high, otherwise your camera will not be able to scan the QR code properly. Also make sure they are completely plugged in with your power sockets. Zmodo camera works and connect on 2.4 GHz WPA- PSK/WPA2-PSK frequency so make sure that your wifi network must be working on 2.4 Ghz.

Zmodo QR code is not working

If your Zmodo QR code is not working then the procedure will be the same as you did before while you were scanning Zmodo QR code to connect your device. But you might have skipped some steps and that can be the most possible reason for it. Follow the given procedure again to make it work.

  • First step is to check the devices are correctly plugged in the power sockets.
  • Camera must be plugged in properly and there must green blinking indicator on it.
  • Set the wifi network frequency at 2.4 GHz.
  • Log in to your Zmodo app on your smartphone.
  • On the homepage of your app, you will find ‘add device’ option on the upper right side.
  • Press the ‘add device’ option.
  • There you will find the ‘next’ option.
  • Now you will be asked to enter the wifi password but make sure you have selected the 2.4 Ghz frequency before proceeding further.
  • You will get QR code on your screen for use.
  • Make sure that your screen display is bright enough so that camera can read the QR code.
  • There must be 8-inch gap between the camera and QR code.
  • You need to hold your phone steadily for 8 seconds until you hear “device connected” command.
  • Once the camera completed the scanning process it will indicate blue light, it will be solid not blinking.

Note: Make sure to follow each step properly. If you don’t hear the voice command then repeat the procedure.


In this blog we have explained all the important steps to complete the scanning process to connect your devices. While we talk about scanning QR code to connect devices, we must keep in mind that following the proper steps and instructions is really required because if you skipped just one step then the QR code will not work. If you have followed the proper instructions but still your Zmodo QR code is not working then don’t waste your time and contact our experts for instantaneous and consistent solution. You can also choose quick chat option to get the solution on time.