How Do I Add Zmodo Wireless Camera To NVR?

How Do I Add Zmodo Wireless Camera To NVR?

NVR integration with wireless cameras has reformed the security systems which not only proffers expediency, elasticity but also the scalability. Zmodo camera’s wireless models can seamlessly connect to the NVR. With this blog you can know the process of adding the Zmodo wireless camera to NVR and how to access the Zmodo camera login.

  • For starting the process, you need Zmodo wireless camera, Zmodo NVR, ethernet wires, power adapters, some additional cables and a monitor which will be connected to NVR.
  • Select a good location for your NVR setup usually central location of the place is much useful because there it will be easier to get the sufficient wifi coverage and power as well.
  • Link up your NVR and monitor with the help of HDMI cable or VGA wire, this depends on the ports.
  • Using the adapter attach the NVR to the power outlet.
  • Now take the camera and connect it with the power source with the help of the power adapter.
  • Choose an ideal location for the camera where it can have the full signal and clear sight of the monitor.
  • Take ethernet wire and attach its both ends, one with router and one with NVR, switch on the NVR.
  • Use the NVR monitor to navigate the camera settings or its management section, search the add new camera option.
  • Click on the option, using QR scanning or with UI code complete the camera adding process. If you have numerous cameras then you have to replicate this step distinctly for accumulating each camera.
  • NVR will detect the camera and try to establish the connection.
  • Disconnect the cable from NVR once the cameras are added.
  • Go to the NVR setting menu then search its wireless network setting section, see the wifi network that are available and choose one from the list, to complete the connection enter its SSID name and password.
  • Save the settings and wait till NVR switch to the wireless network.
  • After the connection establishment check the camera live feed on NVR’s monitor.

Zmodo Camera Login With NVR System

  • Be certain that cameras and NVR system are connect perfectly with each other, powered on and also connected with the network.
  • Use your device’s web interface and with the IP address of the NVR get the access of login page, fill in the right details of your login credentials.
  • Complete the camera setup and add them to the NVR system.
  • Access the camera setting, adjust and alter them according to your need.
  • Save the changes and check the live feed through NVR’s web interface.

End Thoughts

It can be concluded that connecting your Zmodo camera to NVR is a simple, quick, and reliable method. If you are unfamiliar with this, following the instructions in this post will assist you in setting up a Zmodo camera with NVR. Once connected, voice commands will let you command and manage your camera. Nevertheless, if you are unable to complete this procedure using the information provided above, you can get in touch with our customer service staff. Our professionals will make the entire process smooth and easy for you.