Zmodo Camera starts blinking blue light

What does it mean when Zmodo Camera starts blinking Blue Light?

Every security camera comes with certain light options and these light options has their different purposes, in this blog you will get to know that how to complete the Zmodo camera setup and Zmodo Camera login with its different light features. If you are a regular user then you might be aware that facing difficulties while Zmodo Camera setup and Zmodo camera Login is quite common thing. Commonly you will find red, green and blue light on the security cameras. Just as they are different colours, their functions are also different.

A Brief Explanation of Zmodo Camera Setup and Zmodo Camera Login

First of all you to need to install the Zmodo app on the device you want to access your live feed. New user needs to start if from the begining. To create an account for sign up carefully follow the instructions. But if you already are a user then you just need to login through your correct login details. You can execute your Zmodo camera setup through different devices whether you want to do it for android, PC or Laptop; choice is all yours.

If Login or Setup giving you any trouble then make sure that your devices are properly connected to each other. Wifi connection must be strong enough to connect. Also check your router and adapter they can also create problems if they are not placed in an exact way. Even after performing everything if you are still getting trouble then Reset is the only option.

What to do when blue light appears on your Zmodo Camera?

If there is a blue light on your Zmodo Camera then it means your device is trying to pair. This light serves as an indicator which will tell you about your camera’s status. If there is no blue light on your camera then it means your camera is perfectly connected to your network. If it starts blinking then you need to check your network. If blue light starts blinking in any case then it also means that your camera is establishing the connection with Wifi. If the blue light still appears on your camera, then follow these steps to resolve your issue.

Steps to maintain Zmodo Camera Blue Light :-

The right functioning of the blue light is necessary as it a basic indicator for camera status. You need to follow these simple and easy steps to maintain this feature;

  • Your camera must be clean to function properly. If you don’t clean it then dust and dirt can restrain the clear optimal view.
  • Ensure the security of your camera so that no one can steal it or try to damage it. The hanging place should a high maintenance place so that it could be saved.
  • Check for the latest updates so that your device can work properly. Latest Firmware updates will also help to enhance the blue light feature.


With the help of this blog now you are aware of all the facts about blue light on Zmodo camera. It’s a basic but an important feature and maintain it properly is also a task itself. But if you are still facing problems related to it or if the blue light is not disappearing from the camera, then feel free to contact our technical team, they are happily ready to assist you all the time.