When you can’t get your Zmodo Camera connect to Wi-Fi

When you can’t get your Zmodo Camera connect to Wi-Fi 

If you are having this problem that you can’t get Zmodo camera connect to the Wi-Fi network then the first reason behind it can be a poor internet connection and technically it is believed to be related to the frequency at which the camera is operating. Different models of Zmodo camera operators at different frequencies and some do only operate at 2.4 GHz and then there arise problems when the network gets stuck between two frequencies.

If you are using a router that has two different frequencies then the camera you are using gets confused and in this scenario, you can’t get Zmodo camera connect to Wi-Fi. But don’t worry about it as you can easily fix this problem by following the given steps, First and foremost, access the settings of your router. We can achieve this by typing the IP address of the router on the web browser.

Check for the Wi-Fi list.

  • In case your router is dual-band, your next step is to rename the separate SSID so that when you try to connect, you can differentiate between them you will now see two names for Wi-Fi one is 2.4 GHz, and the other one is 5 GHz. Now here you have to rename both of them differently. For instance, you rename the first one “NETWORK 1” and the second one “NETWORK2”.
  • After this save the settings and make sure that for the encryption mode, your router is using WPA or WPA2.

In case your Wi-Fi is ok and you have already renamed your SSID and connected to the right network but you are still facing problems then these below-mentioned instructions are for you to troubleshoot your problem:

  •   Examine the settings of your wireless router.
  •   Now locate the settings or tab for the wireless.
  •  Then search for the option named Wireless Network Mode.
  • Change the wireless network mode of your 2.4 GHz wireless network to 802.11b only, 802.11b/g, or 802.11g.
  • Now while connecting to this network it would be suggested to retry the Smart Link setup.

Hereafter, when you can connect your wireless device to a Wi-Fi network using the phone app, you can simply change the settings to the original one and hence the wireless device will be automatically connected to the Wi-Fi network.

How to resolve Wi-Fi password related issues?

Well, this is another issue that Zmodo camera users face while connecting the Zmodo camera to Wi-Fi. When they are asked to fill in the password and press enter they can’t get Zmodo camera to connect to Wi-Fi. The reason behind this is; some Zmodo cameras don’t accept prolonged passwords or over 13 characters. For example, if you type a password of 18 characters then you won’t be able to connect. When this unexpected issue occurs and you scrutinize it, then you will realize that there is no fix to this. In this case, you have to just change your current password and replace it with a new one that should not be more than 13 characters.

Advantages of using Zmodo camera

  • Using these versatile cameras users can get access to their home domain and keep an eye on their personal belongings day and night.
  • These cameras are designed with a 720pHD and are functional to provide clear recordings, images, and videos.
  • The best feature of these cameras is that to charge these cameras you just need to power plug in one of its cameras.


When installing cameras, not being able to get connected to Zmodo camera to Wi-Fi is one of the most common problems. To avoid such problems try renaming the Wi-Fi names such as 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz so that when you connect to the network, the camera can easily differentiate both the signals and connect themselves to the right one.