view Zmodo Camera on pc

How to view Zmodo camera on PC?

Many users have this question that whether they can view their Zmodo camera on PC or not. So, the answer is Yes! you can view it on your computer or laptop and you will be glad to know procedure is also simple. If you want to view your Zmodo camera on PC or laptop then this article will help you to know the detailed procedure in easy to grab way.

Different Login Ways For Zmodo Camera

Before knowing the procedure, you must know that you can log in with three different ways, one is with web app, second with Zmodo app and third way is You can choose any of login way and they also work on PC. Make sure to have proper wifi connection otherwise it will become troublesome. On the login page you have to create the account first for which you need to enter your working number and email id then keep a password which be strong and secure. If you cant remember these login details then save them somewhere from where you can get them when needed.

How To View your Zmodo camera on your PC?

  • Use this web app to view your Zmodo camera on PC or laptop.
  • Next step is login.
  • Existing users don’t need to make another account and you also don’t need any specific or particular details for login.
  • If you are already a user the same account details will work here.
  • New users need to the sign up first.
  • Then login using the same credentials.
  • Controlling of the device will be done through web browser.
  • After login you can access your live feed on big screen.
  • Like smartphones you can save your videos and record them as well.

Like your phone you can have the same settings on your PC according to your wish. The best thing about Zmodo camera is its night vision, motion detectors and HD quality. On your PC you can enjoy the HD quality cameras on big screen.

need to know before using Zmodo camera on PC

  • You must have the user account on Zmodo app; if you don’t have any then create it at first place.
  • You will need your current mobile number and an active email id for creating an account.
  • Make sure to save your login details.
  • For error free login your Zmodo app must be up to date.
  • The next important thing is strong network connection that means your Wifi signal strength must be strong.
  • Device batteries must be fully charged.
  • Check your power sockets; if there is any fault replace it.


We hope we were able to satisfy your query in this article about How to view Zmodo camera on PC. Procedure is almost the same as you did to view your Zmodo camera on phone. In case you need any help for it then contact our service team. They will assist you in better way.