Zmodo Camera

Connecting Your Zmodo Camera To A New WiFi Router

Zmodo cameras are a popular choice for home security since they include a variety of capabilities to assist you in keeping an eye on your property. This blog is for you if you just upgraded your Wi-Fi router or need to reconnect your Zmodo camera to a new network. Here you will go through the procedures to effectively connect your Zmodo camera to a new Wi-Fi router in this blog.

  • How to Reset Zmodo Camera– You must reset your Zmodo camera before connecting it to a new Wi-Fi network. This technique may diverge contingent on the model of your camera, so denote to the handbook for meticulous commands. In most situations, you may reset the camera by pushing a reset button or holding down a reset pinhole for a certain amount of time.
  • Link the Camera to the Power Foundation– Attach your camera to a power source once it has been reset. Contingent on the kind of your camera, this might be a power adapter or a suitable power over Ethernet (PoE) source. Check that the camera is powered on and in setup mode, which is generally indicated by a blinking LED.

Start the Zmodo App- On your device, use the Zmodo app.

  • Include a Device– Click the “Add a Device” option in the Zmodo app. This will start the camera’s setup procedure.
  • Choose “Wi-Fi Camera“- Select “Wi-Fi Camera” from the list of device types. You’ll be requested to enter the Wi-Fi network details for your camera.
  • Join to the New Wi-Fi Network-pass in the correct details of new SSID. Check the information again to guarantee its accuracy.
  • Scanning QR Code– To connect, you’ll need to scan the QR code using your camera. The software will walk you through the process, which generally entails holding your phone or computer screen in front of the camera.
  • Wait for the Connection – Allow your camera a few seconds after reading the QR code to join to the new Wi-Fi network. The camera’s LED indication should ultimately turn solid, confirming a successful connection.
  • Give Your Camera a Name– After connecting the camera, you may name it and configure additional options as needed. If you have many devices, this step will assist you identify the camera in the app.


When you follow these instructions, connecting your Zmodo camera to a new Wi-Fi router is a simple process. Keep in cognizance that the particular procedures may differ somewhat based on the camera type and app version, so it’s always a good idea to consult the official user manual for more information. You may continue to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-monitored house now that your camera has been successfully linked to your new Wi-Fi network.