Connect Zmodo Security Camera To Phone Without Wifi

How Do Connect Zmodo Security Camera To Phone Without Wifi

However, what happens if you need to connect your Zmodo camera to your phone outside of a WiFi network? Go through the progression of linking your phone and Zmodo security camera without WiFi in this blog.

Why Use WiFi to Connect the Zmodo Camera to Your Phone?

There are a few situations when you might wish to use your phone and Zmodo security camera in the absence of a WiFi network.

  • Remote Monitoring: When you’re not at home or in an area without WiFi, you want to be able to view the live stream from your camera.
  • Temporary Setup: When engaging in outdoor activities or in a distant area without WiFi connectivity, you must temporarily set up a Zmodo camera.
  • Privacy Concerns: You would rather use a more secure method to connect your camera to a public WiFi network due to security concerns.

Here’s how to link your phone and Zmodo security camera without a WiFi network, step-by-step instructions included for the task when you can’t get zmodo camera to connect wifi.  

  • Verify the Compatibility of Your Zmodo Camera-First, confirm that setting up and using your Zmodo camera doesn’t require a continuous WiFi connection and that it can be used with a mobile data connection. Please refer to the user manual and specs of the camera since certain older versions might not support this capability.
  • Use a mobile hotspot– Go into the settings in your device and search for the “Hotspot” or “Tethering” option. Establish a network name and password after turning on the hotspot. Navigate to the settings on your Zmodo camera and use the newly formed network name and password to connect it to the mobile hotspot network.
  • Place a Data Plan-equipped SIM card in– You can install a SIM card with a data plan if your Zmodo camera has a SIM card slot. Verify that the SIM card is turned on and has enough data to meet the demands of your camera.
  • Turn on your phone’s mobile data– Make sure that your smartphone has mobile data enabled before attempting to access your Zmodo camera remotely.
  • Install and Set Up the Zmodo Application– Download the Zmodo app to your smartphone if you haven’t already. To configure your camera, open the app and follow the on-screen directions. To link the camera with your app, you will need to input its unique identification number, which is often located on the camera itself.
  • Use a Remote to Access Your Zmodo Camera– Using mobile data or a mobile hotspot, you can now see the live stream and adjust the settings of your Zmodo camera from any location with an internet connection.

Final thoughts

It is possible to connect your Zmodo security camera to your phone without a WiFi network, and this might be helpful in many circumstances. You can remotely see your camera’s live feed and keep security without using WiFi if you have a mobile hotspot, a SIM card with data plan, and the Zmodo software. Verify that your Zmodo camera supports this function at all times, then look for any setup instructions in the user handbook.